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Sequoah Lloyd, MCP, LSSGB

Our Founder

Self-Taught Data Whiz (Analytics, Data Science, & Business Intelligence) | AI Enthusiast | Data Storyteller | Engineer | Blockchain | NFT Enthusiast | Entrepreneur

Sequoah Lloyd is an unicorn, STEM enthusiast who's destine to influence the technology world. She noticed she was passionate about computers at the age of nine when she fixed her first crashed computer and has been teaching IT related curriculum since the age of 20. Sequoah started her career as a Technical Support Engineer, then moved to database administration and business intelligence over the course of three years. She founded Innovative Knowledge For Success LLC in 2018. Some of her international clients are from the Bahamas, Nicaragua, Serbia, multiple countries in Europe, just to name a few.





Sequoah possess 7+ years of IT industry-related skills. Dedicated, versatile software engineering professional in:
• Data Science
• Business Intelligence
• Database Administration
• Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Career Highlights:
• Managed over 500+ hospital sites data within 35+ states, which the information system, Soundata hosts over millions of patient records. While being an active member of the National Leadership Team for the Newborn Hearing Screen Program, which is responsible for screening over 850,000 babies per year.
• Aided over 100+ clients with: writing and guiding clients on resumes/CV for college applications and job searching. Also, executing the purpose of building and maintaining financial literacy.

Professional Certifications
• Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): 2013 Word, Access, & PowerPoint
• IBM, Big Data Foundations
• Google Analytics (GAIQ)
• Microsoft Certified Professional (MCSA, SQL Server)
• Microsoft Azure Enterprise Development (Cloud Computing)
• Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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