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Innovative Knowledge For Success

We are the true storytellers and advisors in tech, finance, and education; BECOME INNOVATED!

Innovative Knowledge For Success LLC, mission is to better our clients in their tech, financial, and educational goals.




Is Credit Repair Legal?
It is completely legal. The "Fair Credit Reporting Act" a piece of federal legislation enacted in 1970, outlines a number of rules regarding the way your credit file is communicated. Innovative Knowledge For Success, LLC does not sell information to third party users or use your information for a personal gain. Your information is confidential, we are a registered business in the state of Florida. You should NEVER pay for a free annual report unless you already have received a report less than 12 months prior. BEWARE OF SCAMS!


  • Bankruptcies

  • Tax Liens

  • Charge Offs

  • Student Loans

  • Collections


NOTE: For services that require a consultation you must set an appointment for your designated time and date. This is due to demand and timely results. You can click Plans & Subscriptions to see different plans, it is advised to do a free consultation before picking a plan.

Educational & Corporate Training

Learning New Skills Brings Better Opportunities

Qualified Subjects:
Computer: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Windows, Web Design, Computer Science, Computer Programming.

Data Management: Big Data, Microsoft Access, SQL

Web Development: Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing/Optimization.
Business: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Business Fundamentals, Social Media.
Corporate Training: Business Operations, Microsoft Office, Web Design.
Elementary: Math, Reading.
English: Reading.
Homeschool: Pre-algebra, Reading.
Math: Elementary Math, ACT MATH, Pre-algebra.
Test Preparation: ACT MATH.

We are industry certified to teach and prep for Microsoft Office MOS exams, Google Analytics, Big Data, and many more! We teach at; K-12, college, adult, and corporate level.

Giving a Lecture
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Debt Consolidation/Financial Coaching

Money Back & Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is are most USED service. Get your collections removed in 30-60 days. You are not obligated to pay back debts to a collection agency; you are not in contract with the collector. Do not claim the debt or get it settled without the correct procedures. Let us guide you with your finances. Once you are a client, We will check anything you have a question about for NO ADDITIONAL COST! Buy your dream home, car, or refinance your property; do not let debt consume you from your dreams! NOTE: If none of your negative tradeline(s) are NOT deleted within 30 days, you will receive a full refund.

VantageScore 3.0 vs. FICO Score

Excellent: 750-850 vs 800+

Good: 700-749 vs 740-799

Fair: 600-699 vs 670-739

Poor: 501-599 vs 580-669

Needs Work: 300-500 vs 579 and lower

Data Consulting & AI Innovation

Have A Stellar Automated Dashboard Developed With Your Desired BI Tool

We can suit all your data needs using SQL, Python, and R utilizing different BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau, R Studio just to name a few. We pride ourselves in being the best at "data storytelling" and solving business solutions. Ask about our AI technology we are currently working on, if this sparks your interest.